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thumbs ScottyMcCreery HaleyReinhart 50 Scotty McCreery and Haley Reinhart PicturesNews around Scotty McCreery were all over the place. The 17 year old is so active he can only sleep in a matter of hours and all that. We’ll take a break but still give you more updates. Here are some old and new pictures of Scotty McCreery with fellow American Idol finalist, Haley Reinhart. Other fans want them to be together instead of Lauren Alaina, or Lauren to Scotty? Whatever! Scotty McCreery is single, so making this post is still valid, lol. Check out these images and what do you think about this Haley/Scotty or ‘Hotty’ – that’s what they call it. Who’s the hottest: McLaina or Hotty? Well, Scotty told the world that he’ll wed Lauren Alaina by 2022 and a lot of folks believed on that, so? DISCLAIMER: doesn’t own these pictures. The URL embedded within the images were only meant for website promotion only. No Copyright Infringement intended. Share the link to all Scotty McCreery fans out there. Thanks!

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  1. Oh….Haley is so much hotter than Lauren…there is no comparison on any level…so much more class and just a much nicer person IMO. Obviously, I just don’t care for LaLa. Scotty looks so much more comfortable with Haley, but then she doesn’t shove herself in his face and he doesn’t have to fear she will start inappropriate and false rumors on the red carpet which he will apparently have to deal with til he marries someone. If Scotty and Haley had a thing for each other…I would say great, go for it. However, I would guess that they don’t share too much in common, city girl, country boy. But it would be great to see him with anyone if it got that self absorbed amazon girl out of his face. Haley is so much more petite next to Scotty. But somehow, I think, he’ll be checkin out someone back in Garner…(that old memory you just can’t shake). I can understand that walkin the halls, taking English test and hangin with his boys holds some attraction for somewhat home-sick guy…but maybe theirs another thought somewhere in back of his mind as well….Just hope to see him with the sweetest kindest girl ever, who loves him for just being Scotty, like he’s said.

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