Scotty McCreery Shirtless Pictures in Manila (Philippines)

thumbs scottymccreery philippines 05 Scotty McCreery Shirtless Pictures in Manila (Philippines)Scotty McCreery shirtless??? OK, not really. But here’s a few pic taken by a fan from the Philippines named Rose Ann Beredo Burac. I think this shirtless Scotty McCreery pictures were taken from a hotel that the American Idols were staying in. There are other pics in there with Stefano Langone and Haley Reinhart sitting near the pool drinking beer, chilling out and been living like rockstars! Other Scotty McCreery related news is that: the single called “The Trouble With Girls” is now reaching #2 this week on Top 5 Gone Wild. | DISCLAIMER: doesn’t own these pictures. The URL embedded within the images were only meant for website promotion only. No Copyright Infringement intended. Share the link to all Scotty McCreery fans out there. Thanks!

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  1. lorna larwan says:

    oh men i just love this guy he’s genuine. I feel great everytime i listen to his song. Hope to hear more more more songs from him. I love country music.

  2. I felt bad for Lauren in this inteview When asked who her friends were on the idol tour she said Pia, Paul then the crowd was egging her on to say Scotty she did and he acted like a jerk. You should be ashamed of your self. You should be honered to have a friend like her. At least she would never throw you under the bus.

  3. Earlene Peshnak says:

    What do you mean He acted like a jerk,Scotty could never act like a jerk. He is the most sweet ,kindest,young man I have ever known.He has always said nothing but sweet,caring things about Lauren from day one.

    • lorna larwan says:

      it’s beta for him to be true than to pretend he likes her! She’s jaz like sista to him and they’re jaz close frenz.

  4. Earlene Peshnak says:

    By The way Scotty looks good without a shirt.

  5. My personal oponion is that:
    Scotty Mcreery is the sexiest man alive!!! <3

    • i agree bt thats nt ol.. hes the one that i want to marry . hell make me the happiest and luckiest lady on earth

  6. R.kinantiiMcCreeryy says:

    yepp..agree.. :D

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