Scotty McCreery’s new single “The Trouble With Girls” is now charting around the world

Scotty McCreery’s new single called “The Trouble With Girls” may not be skyrocketing to the charts like “I Love You This Big” did, but the new song now starts charting around the world in its own way. These “numbers” might not be accurate since they are always changing. So far, in Canada iTunes, Scotty McCreery’s “The Trouble With Girls” is currently on the #15 position dated 9th of September 2011. #9 on Greece iTunes dated 9th of September 2011. Also #9 on US iTunes dated 9th of September 2011. #96 on Mexico iTunes (Top 100 Country Songs). It’s a roller coaster ride. We hope that all fans of Scotty McCreery shouldn’t stop supporting “The Trouble With Girls”. To those who are still not able to hear the single, click the image below, listen and buy it via Amazon (or iTunes). By the way, for an added bonus, we’ve posted Scotty’s yearbook picture below! Extra special thanks to Brianna Horne for scanning this! Full size is 2048 x 1365! This pic is huge, you can save it by pressing right click “View Image” and “Save Image As”. Thanks and share the link!


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  1. the girl in extreme left wearing light red shirt is heather mcclung. she’s blonde and cute. scotty should date her instead of lauren, lol!

  2. scott should date who he wants to date and not have people saying who he can or cant date

  3. He needs to be with who he loves not who publicity thinks he should be with.

  4. Scotty and Lauren R a cute couple. He shall be with who he wants to.!!!!!!

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