Scotty McCreery’s World Domination will be Clear As Day!

Scotty McCreery’s back in the US and the 17 year old crooner is not taking any time to relax or go shopping. It’s back to work as usual, and being a fan, I’ve no idea if Scotty’s done recording his debut album “Clear As Day”. However, considering the time frame, I assume that the recording is over and another work awaits: promotion! Scotty McCreery will be appearing in several TV shows like: Regis and Kelly, The Ellen deGeneres Show, The Tonight’s Show with Jay Leno, and many more! McCreerians should mark these dates: Scotty McCreery is now confirmed to be appearing on Regis and Kelly by the 4th of October 2011. Scotty McCreery will be performing live at The Tonight’s Show with Jay Leno by the 5th of October 2011, and on the 7th of October 2011 on The Ellen deGeneres Show. Scotty McCreery’s World Domination is at hand, we’re waiting for the solo tour soon…


Regis and Kelly – 4th of October 2011

The Tonight’s Show with Jay Leno – 5th of October 2011

The Ellen deGeneres Show – 7th of October 2011

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