Scotty McCreery makes a shot towards American Idol Season 10 Champ

It is no secret that Scotty McCreery is the first person to make it in this 10th season of American Idol. Having a shot into the Top 2 will make room for all possibilities. Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina were both winners already but there’s only one champ and who could that be? Find out next week! Here’s a video of Scotty and Lauren.

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SCOTTY McCREERY gets into American Idol Season 10′s TOP 3 Finalists

This is it! Scotty McCreery will be coming down to Garner, North Carolina by making it to the TOP 3 finalists of American Idol Season 10. The results might be a “shocker” to some. Ryan Seacrest announces Lauren Alaina to be the first contestant entering the spot for the final three, then Haley Reinhart. Left standing are Scotty McCreery and James Durbin. Seacrest then announces Scotty to be the last one to get that spot on the Top 3. James Durbin is eliminated. Scotty recently tweeted “GARNER, NORTH CAROLINA! IM COMING HOME! That speaks it all. Get ready, Scotty is coming home…

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SCOTTY McCREERY performing Young Blood on American Idol Season 10 Top 4

Scotty McCreery performed Young Blood on the second round of American Idol Season 10 Top 4 performances! It wasn’t the best, like the one in the first round, but of course, it’s variation. Scotty is obviously having a good time on stage shaking it! Check out the video below.

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SCOTTY McCREERY is singing Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning) on American Idol Season 10 Top 4

Scotty McCreery came out different tonight. He’s coming out with a guitar and pardon my ignorance but I haven’t seen him with a guitar. All I see is that he’s only holding a microphone, making funny faces in front of the camera, and sounded like he’s chewing a gum while singing. What about tonight?? Oh, he’s singing an Alan Jackson song “Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning” – a song about 9/11 attack. I’m telling you, this performance was so good. It chills my spine once again! Nevermind the bubble gum chewing but that deep baritone surely nails it!

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SCOTTY McCREERY getting an advise from Lady Gaga (American Idol Season 10)

Scotty McCreery will be once again going up on stage to perform on American Idol Season 10, this time it’s about the Top 4 finalists battling against each other to win it – at least for now, the homecoming party! What about the guest mentor? Of course, you shouldn’t pass that one up. It’s Lady Gaga, and we all know what she’s doing and what she’s capable of and here she is giving advise to Scotty McCreery. Check it out!

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