Scotty McCreery: Not easily offended

images 5 Scotty McCreery: Not easily offended       For some reason, the late night tv show host Conan O’Brien mistakenly referred to Scotty McCreery as “Scotty McCreedy”.  This happened during his interview with actor-singer Jack Black. A fan of McCreery happened to have watched the episode and considered the mistake as a flagrant one. The fan named Andy submitted a video to correct O’Brien. But the latter has somehow out managed his mistake with the help of Scotty McCreery himself on Monday, June 4. On the show, O’Brien stated that it was true that Scotty changed his last name.

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Scotty McCreery will be performing on this years CMT Music Awards

images1 Scotty McCreery will be performing on this years CMT Music Awards        American  Idol winner Scotty McCreery is set to perform on this week’s 2012 CMT Music Awards on the telecast June 6, 8pm ET/PT. The CMT Music Awards is a fan-voted awards show for country music videos and television performances. The awards ceremony is held annually in Nashville, Tennesse and broadcast live on CMT. Along with Scotty to perform on the said event are Lauren Alaina and Casey James. Scotty and Lauren became real good friends after their competition of last year’s American Idol Season 10 wherein Scotty was declared winner.

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Scotty McCreery Video: Blair Garner dropping by at Scotty McCreery’s Hometown

ScottyMcCreery BlairGarner Scotty McCreery Video: Blair Garner dropping by at Scotty McCreerys HometownHere’s Blar Garner from the show “After Midnight” and is recently spending a day with the 18 year old American Idol Season 10 champ, Scotty McCreery. This coming show on Monday will be all about Scotty McCreery. Check out as Blair explains it on this video embedded below. Share the link and enjoy, thanks!

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OFFSTAGE: Scotty McCreery’s SAT Scores

scotty mccreery14 150x150 OFFSTAGE: Scotty McCreerys SAT ScoresWe know we should have stuck to asking Scotty McCreery about his music career and ACM nominations. But aren’t we all curious to know about his upcoming college life? And aren’t we eager to know how he made his choice? So when he was asked at the red carpet of the awards show how he fared in his SAT he gave a straightforward reply saying that he did pretty well. He scored enough to get himself into a good college. When queried about his college life and asked if he plans to enjoy the full experience of eating cafeteria food, burning the midnight oil and getting psyched over exams his answer was pretty much yes. He did let out a secret out of the bag though saying he plans to share a room with four guys whom he knows quite well and whom he can trust. He however was curious about how dorm life is and how sharing a room with a random roommate would be like. Scotty plans to balance college and work by scheduling studies during the week and devoting the weekends for his musical pursuits.
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Scotty McCreery Wins ACM Awards 2012 New Artist of the Year, Makes College Plans

scotty mccreery2 150x150 Scotty McCreery Wins ACM Awards 2012 New Artist of the Year, Makes College PlansWhile Scotty McCreery’s music career is going at full throttle the superstar himself is keen on hitting the books. After he won the award for the New Artist of the year at the 47th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas, the newest kid on the bloc announced his plans of attending college this fall. Scotty is graduating from high school in June and has plans to continue his education. He does confess that music is his first love and he will pursue both music and education simultaneously.

Scotty is keen to work around the classes and head out on the weekends or something like that to make things work. He is no stranger to either music or studies as the entire last year he toured along Brad Paisley and the Band Perry but still managed to complete his senior year in high school.

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Scotty McCreery Nominated for Two Billboard Awards

Billboard Music Awards to be held on May 20 has announced that Scotty McCreery bagged nominations for two awards – all genres Best New Artist and Top Country Artist

Seems like Las Vegas brings a lot of luck to this young singer. It was in Las Vegas on Apr 1 that he won the New Artist of The World Award from Country Music. He had also won New Artist of The Year Award.

Scotty’s personal reaction to these nominations was that of excitement. In a message to his fans he has expressed his gratitude to all his supporters and shared his excitement with them.
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Scotty McCreery makes acting debut in ‘Hart of Dixie’

Scotty McCreery doesn’t seem to be satisfied with being a singing superstar and wants to hone his other skills. The skill in question is his acting skill as he makes his debut in Hart of Dixie, a CW series.

While some would prefer to bask in the glory of a single achievement there are others who continuously push their boundaries. Scotty is one of them. Having won the American Idol at age sixteen, Scotty had the entire world at his feet but the acting bug bit him and from there onwards it was a search to find a platform to showcase his talent. The Hart of Dixie provided that opportunity and he lapped it up immediately. In the episode aired on CW on April 23 Scotty debuted as himself and even crooned to a few of his tunes. The series features the life of Zoe Hart, played by Rachel Bilson, who wants to get a fellowship at one of the hospitals in New York but has to work in a nondescript practice in the town of Bluebell, Alabama due to her failure to get one.
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Scotty McCreery Goes to Prom

Scotty McCreery was under pressure last week and not because he was singing on national television or in front of a crowd of thousands of fans but he was attending his high school prom! It’s nice to see that superstardom hasn’t changed McCreery one bit and he continues to live the life of a normal teenager. This is the second year in succession that Scotty has attended the Garner High school annual prom. Scotty also posted a picture of his friends at the prom night on his twitter page. And if you find them looking familiar it is because you must’ve seen them in his music video, “The Trouble with Girls.” In fact Scotty’s date, Gabi Dugal was his leading lady in the video.
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Scotty McCreery Hit in Throat with Baseball

Scotty narrowly missed a serious injury and his many fans a heartbeat last week when he was playing baseball in his high school. Scotty was pitching for his school, Garner High School Trojans when this incident occurred. The batter shot right at him with the ball taking one hop before hitting his throat.

But fans needn’t worry as the singer was unhurt and like a champion he is picked himself up and threw the batter out in spite of the fierce blow even as fans were worried about his vocal chords. And not only this Scotty pitched a little over four innings and struck out six batters. He might’ve been lucky for not doing too much damage to his throat however he wasn’t that lucky about the game itself as his team lost 3-2.
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Idol’s Scotty McCreery Breaks One Million in Album Sales

Now this one is a great statistic for American Idol critics who believe the show has hit a plateau and can no longer churn quality artists who can give hit albums. Scotty McCreery has proved that he is not just a flash in the plan with his first country music album Clear as Day selling over 197,000 copies in the first week itself. The song ,” The Trouble with Girls “ from the album debuted at no.1 in both Billboard top 200 and Country Albums.

Scotty has been on a roll since winning season 10 of American Idol. Not only has his album debuted at No.1 on the countdown charts, he has been on the road ever since touring with the God of country music, Brad Paisley himself. His numerous shows and tours have helped his debut album generate more sales; in the process making Scotty the first American Idol to generate a million copies.

Scotty had turned 18 just weeks before releasing his debut album but that did not deter him from becoming the youngest artist to debut on no. 1 in the Soundscan charts. Scotty has also won few awards in between including the fan nominated American Country Awards in December last year and New Artist Award at the Academy of Country Music Awards five months later.

In January Scotty received the platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America for crossing one million album sales. Jimmy Iovine, American Idol producer and mentor presented him the platinum album plaque.