Wanna know who is Scotty McCreery Dating??

ScottyMcCreery KISSFM 150x150 Wanna know who is Scotty McCreery Dating??Girls from all over the world seems to be so interested. Here’s Scotty McCreery being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest. They’ve been discussing about Scotty’s upcoming album Clear As Day, fun stuff he remembers during American Idol audition, Scotty’s plans in going back to High School and heading to college, etc. Even answered that dating question linking to Thia Megia. There’s a 30 second clip of Keith Urban’s cover “Walk in the Country”. Seacrest’s show had a massive audience so this is still good promotion for Scotty McCreery. Listen to their conversation below…

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  1. Love this kid. He’s got a great voice, and is so good at interviews. GO SCOTTY!!

  2. I love him everybody in my family and friends Love him went to his hometown visit american idol live tour raliegh now his 18th birthday bash!!!!!!

  3. Jennifer King says:

    OMG, I LOVE Scotty! He has a great voice, he is a good guy (as I heard, which I bet it’s true :P ), and he is SUPER HOT… All I can say is that I’m glad that he won the American Idol, I mean Laura was good at singing too and she has done a great job but at least she has made it close to the end! Anyway who ever gets with Scotty and marries him are LUCKY!!!! :)

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